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Vaper-App is an iOS / Android app that uses technology and vaping to help you stop smoking.

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How Vaper-App works

There are two ways to sign up to Vaper-App - either as a smoker looking to quit or as an already-stopped smoker. The path through the app differs slightly depending which route you take.

If you're a smoker

If you sign up as a smoker, Vaper-App will prompt you to commit to a Quit Date. The app will calculate your current spend on cigarettes per week, month and year. You will be offered a tailored Starter Kit complete with choice of liquids. Liquid strength is auto-calculated from your current smoking habits.

If you already vape

Existing vapers are shown financial savings and health benefits calculated from their Quit Date. You will have the option to buy a starter kit or subscribe to a monthly liquid package, tailored to your needs and taste or buy liquids as a one-off purchase.

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Quit countdown

Vaper-App displays a countdown to Quit Date which helps you plan towards finally stopping.

Cost of smoking

Vaper-App shows you the true cost of smoking per week, month and year. The figures will likely shock you.

Smoking stats

Vaper-App gives you a real-time tally of the number of cigarettes you actually smoke per week, month, year.

Starter kit

Vaper-App builds a bespoke e-cig starter kit with liquids tailored to your current smoking habits.

Already quit

Vaper-App backdates to your Quit Date to show the health and financial benefits accrued since stopping.

Global shipping

Set up a recurring monthly order of your favourite e-liquids delivered direct to your door.

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Why should you install Vaper-App
The benefits of using Vaper-App

Whether you're a smoker or already vaping, Vaper-App can help you. Smokers are encouraged to stop by setting a Quit Date and seeing the money they're currently spending on smoking. Vapers get a visible record of the health and financial benefits from not smoking - as well as being able to sign up to a regular liquid order. Never run out of juice again

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Watch the Vaper-App video to find out more.

Vaper-App Notifications

If you know what you're saving and the health benefits you're achieving, you're more likely to stay quit.


Vaper-App shows how much you're saving by not smoking on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Money can be a key motivator in staying stopped.


Vaper-App sends you notifications each time you reach a health milestone showing your improving fitness and decreasing risk of smoking-related disease.

Time stopped

Vaper-App sends you notifications when you reach length of time stopped milestones, building morale and acknowledging progress.


Vaper-App sends you notifications of the number of cigarettes you've not smoked since quitting. You'll be suprised how quickly it adds up.

Stats Section Background

Health statistics

Vaper-App is pre-programmed to notify you when you reach recognised health milestones.

72hr - Nicotine leaves body, beware increased withdrawal

2wk - Circulation & lungs improve, cravings reduce

1mth - Lungs begin to repair reducing infection risk

3mth - Improved lung capacity, withdrawal nears zero

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Vaper-App vaping application

Install Vaper-App

Vaper-App is available for iOS and Android.

Shipping & Contact

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We ship globally.

Vaper-App Terms

Last updated: May 09, 2015. Your use of Vaper-App is conditional of your acceptance of our Terms.

Payment Terms

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer financial details with any 3rd parties.